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URSULA BECK is an Artist, Writer and Philosopher whose career is dedicated to designing and producing creative art experiences for students.

She has been an artist all of her life. Her first Art scholarship, at age 7, was to the Museum School at the Seattle Art Museum, and her most recent was a full scholarship to The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, for the MFA. In between, she attended St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, The University of Arizona, Pratt Institute, NY, and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, earning a BA in Philosophy, an MA in English Literature with high honors, the MS in design from Pratt.

She has been on the art faculty of: Collegio Episcopa, Rodger Williams College, RI, and the Boston Architectural Center. Her Art media are: Sumi Ink Drawing and Porcelain Sculpture.

She moved to Taos in 1989 to become the Founding Executive Director of the Taos Institute of Arts, which she established and headed for 7 years. She founded the Taos Art School in 1996 in order to create a unique school with a special emphasis on Creativity, Native American Authenticity, Compelling Class Locations, Equine Art and Spirituality.

She weaves the multiplicity of her experiences into a whole cloth in these programs to create access for YOU to the Creative Spirit.

Right: Photo of Ursula taken while leading
a yearly Georgia O’Keeffe tour workshop. 
Directly underneath the cliff on which she is sitting
is Georgia’s Home at Ghost Ranch.

Image: Ursula Beck, Director of Taos Art School

Taos Art School

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