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Taos Art School

Our director, when asked where is her campus, always says, "It's between my Ears and over my Axles."
This school emphasizes unique locations for each of our classes that offer the participant a true immersion experience.
Image: Painting in front of Taos mountain in northern new mexico
Plein Air painting students unload their equipment for an awesome day painting in Northern New Mexico.

Image: Ranchos de Taos St Francis of Assisi church
Painting classes
travel to unique
New Mexico sites.
Here they are
painting at the
300 year old
mission church,
Saint Francis
of Assisi.

Image: Lucy Lewis demonstrating
Our Pueblo pottery classes are held under the shade of ancient cottonwoods on the grounds of a local estate.

Image: Students with equine companion
Our equine classes are held in a local barn where we set up the classroom with tables and chairs and easels and a horse is right in class with us at all times. Bring carrots! PS: In case you noticed this isn't a horse, but a mammoth donkey who's large head is being used by the teacher to discuss equine anatomy as compared to the other model, a beautiful white Arabian.

Taos Art School

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