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Taos Art School

Image: Page Patterson from Taos

Are you considering joining us in our unique Art Community here in Taos ?
We have a recommendation for you. We know someone who can be a trusted guide
for your exploration: Page Patterson.

Page is that rare combination of: an excellent Artist, an experienced Realtor and - a Nice person !
As the director of the school, I have known Page over 15 years and have personally experienced her unique
understanding of the needs of Creative people - especially those exploring a possible move to Taos.
It’s different here ! Give her a call:
575 770 6563

THE TAOS ART SCHOOL has no financial arrangement whatsoever with Ms. Patterson. We simply want to offer
the best support we can to our worldwide Creative Community.

Please feel free to let us know about your experiences
575-758-0350 | tas@taosartschool.org

Taos Art School

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