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Taos Art School

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Pearl Sunrise

Beginning to Intermediate

July 11-17

Feel free to call for details 575-758-0350


Limited to 12 participants

Tuition $750.

Includes Traditional Feast & all Excursions

Materials extra


Special Features

"We learned not only
Navajo Weaving Techniques
but also experienced some
of the vibrant Navajo Culture
through ceremonies & stories.
Pearl is an engaging storyteller,
and shares personal accounts
of her life as well as
traditional tales about Spider Woman

The daily opening ceremony was very special!"


Photo by John H. Beck
Image: Pearl Sunrise

This class is as much about Culture
as it is about Weaving. Pearl Sunrise is a luminous person whose gentle presence will encourage you while her extensive knowledge of these techniques helps your hands to know what to do.

Each morning starts with a Drumming ceremony & Stories. In this way we become centered and ready to weave. Pearl is a great Storyteller ! and we will hear about Spider Woman and her gift to the Dine People

Class starts on a Sunday so we have a full day to focus on the all important warping. Monday morning we start weaving. Pearl demonstrates a technique which the students then try on their own under her encouraging supervision. All levels are welcome, as each participant works at their own pace.

Come join us! 

Image: Black and white picture of hands weaving

Image: Sheep

Extra Cultural Events

1) We usually try and find
Some Churro sheep for
you to see. This breed is highly prized by the Navajo for the
fine wool, 4-horns
& their hardiness in
rough country.

Image: Sample of Navajo Weaving
2) Visit a private
collection of historic Navajo weavings
3) Dinner party with
Traditional feast and entertainment.
4) Taos Pueblo
Pow Wow takes place the weekend before class.
Image: People sitting around a table

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The Taos Pueblo Pow-Wow is scheduled to take place the weekend before this workshop. We highly recommend that you stay the extra night or 2 to partake in this unique event.  It is not a coincidence that we have scheduled our Navajo Weaving class contiguous with this ‘once-in-a-year’ event held at Taos Pueblo. It is a multi-Tribal event that is not to be missed!    You will need to make your own housing arrangements for this time. Please feel free to call the school if you would like some suggestions.


Pearl Sunrise Navajo Weaving & Culture Experience Schedule






Class starts Sunday morning, and ends mid afternoon on Friday. Daily hours will be from 9 AM to 4 PM, with an hour off for lunch. Sunday is spent on the all-important warping, for which Pearl supplies her own yard to ensure the proper tension.  Students are divided up into pairs, together warping one loom in the morning and a second in the afternoon. This not only means each student has a properly warped loom to start work on Monday morning, but also means that the students' "hands" will retain the knowledge of how to do this important task.

Then the students are guided through the design stage. For beginning students, this will be a block design, while advanced students will work with diagonals or even twill. The Navajo way is not to use a cartoon but rather to design right on the loom. Monday through Thursday we weave. All techniques will be demonstrated first by Pearl, then done by each student under her encouraging supervision. All levels are welcome as each student is encouraged to work at his or her individual pace.



Info on the Pow Wow follows


Image: Navajo Rug


About Our Instructor

Pearl Sunrise is a gentle and knowledgeable teacher whose luminous spirit inspires all who meet her. As a 3rd generation Navajo weaver, she learned her craft from her mother and grandmother. She has been the unofficial Navajo ambassador to the world for years, receiving a Fulbright to teach in New Zealand, and a commission by the U.S. State department to visit Lesotho, South Africa, and Toronto, Canada as a Cultural Specialist. She’s on the advisory board of the New Indian Museum, in Wash, D.C., and is currently a professor at the School of American Indian Arts, in Santa Fe. Her work is collected worldwide.


Feel free to Call us for more Information about this workshop.
We love to chat about our classes.  575-758-0350


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Image: Woman putting bread in horno native american Image: Beaituful Native American girl dancing
Because this is an experience as much about Culture as it is about Art-making, we have arranged four additional events offering immersion for you.

Friday-Saturday: Taos Pueblo Pow Wow


Monday: We will view 2 hard-to-find movies about pearl and her weaving. 


Tuesday: Give you a chance to see a private collection of historic Dine' tapestries.
(also see below)

Image Wednesday: A lovely evening feast, featuring local Churro Lamb (Veggie options available) And storytelling.
Note: Friends and family members of class participants, who are not attending the workshop,
are welcome to join us for these events for a small additional fee.
Please call the office to arrange.


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Oh, we are so delighted to be back in the Lodge where we started!


1101 Witt Road, Taos NM 713-443-6466   / 505-694-0420



The new owners are an absolute delight, they have brought back the true family feeling about this Taos Treasure. The grounds are spacious and beautiful, tucked against the mountains with easy access to great hiking and a refreshing mountain stream. There is a pool, hot-tub, walking circle, an orchard, and the original high ceiling lodge great room.  Meals are all prepared fresh by the owner’s mother, and are very reasonable: Breakfast comes with the room.

Lunch is $15, Dinner is $20.

Special rates for our students are: $111+ tax /person/night including breakfast. 
                              Check for double occupancy price.



























Early Bird Registration is available from January through April exclusively to those participants staying with the class, Mon-Thurs, at our class location: Blue Sky Retreat Center. We have found that the group experience is greatly enhanced when everyone enjoys the housing at the same location with Pearl and her family as well as your classmates. In the event that the 12 available class spaces are not filled by May first, we will accept late class registrations from participants in extraneous locations.

    To Register - Please check with the school first to ensure that there is still space available in the class, which is limited to 12 participants, and put in a preliminary hold on your space. Then make your hotel reservations. Once this is completed, you can then contact the school office again to finalize your class tuition registration. 575-758-0350



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All materials may be purchased directly from Pearl during class.  Following is the list of materials needed.  Please bring a firm pillow for sitting.  This for your chair, we are not on the ground.

1) NAVAJO LOOM SMALL - 1 week rental of simple loom, without tools:  $35.00.  1 week rental of simple loom, with tools (batten and comb):  $45.00.  1 week rental of warp set-up, shed stick and heddles: $55.00 (includes:  warp, edging cords (top & bottom), 2-willow heddle sticks, top, and bottom beams to attach warps, & many yards of twine for binding.  

2) YARN - 4 skeins of Navajo Handspun (each $7 = $28.00).  A variety of colors will be set out on a table for students to use as needed.  At the end of the week, you will be charged for only what you have used.  You may also purchase extra yarn to take home.

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P.O. BOX 2245,  Ranchos de Taos, NEW MEXICO, 87557
(575) 758-0350