Where do I stay while taking my class ?

   The TAOS ART SCHOOL recommends specific housing for all of our students while participating in our workshops.  

    We do not operate dormitories, instead, we utilize the many hotels and B&B's here.

You are invited to stay together with your teacher and fellow students, which makes for a cohesive experience.

    Since each class is in it's own unique location, the housing for each will also be individualized to choose a place near the specific class site.  All of the housing we select feature a complete breakfast, since we consider this essential to a successful day in the workshop.  Prices will vary.  All are 'mid-range.' Check out the details that come with each class description. When you contact the hotel, be sure and mention that you are participating in a TAOS ART SCHOOL class in order to be offered the group rate we have set up for you.

    If you are looking for a roommate, please call the office as we might know of someone in your class who has also made that request.

    We are here to help. And we love to chat about our classes.
                            (575) 758-0350

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